Riverbed SteelHead Application Acceleration and Network Optimisation

Streamline Network and Application Performance with the World’s No. 1 WAN-Optimisation Solution

Network and application performance directly impacts business productivity. Tangible Technology Networks is proud to leverage two decades of Riverbed’s experience driving network and application performance over Wide Area Networks (the WAN) with its flagship offering SteelHead, delivering the underlying technology that helps enterprises of all sizes maximise the efficiency and performance of the networks and applications used to run modern business.

Even in a hybrid world of cloud workloads, SaaS applications, Internet Broadband and MPLS, the growing SteelHead family of products and solutions is still built upon 4 core principles required for any organisation seeking to enable networks to perform with efficienciency and optimised, fast and reliable user experience across critical business applications, empowering enterprises to evolve their strategies and stay agile:

  • Data Streamlining
    to maximise network efficiency
  • Transport Streamlining
    to maximise network performance and mitigate latency
  • Application Streamlining
    to maximise application performance and user experience
  • Elastic Performance
    to optimise any network, accelerate any app, for users anywhere

“Tangible Technology is proud to deliver the leading network optimisation and application performance solution chosen by over 30,000 organisations worldwide.”

Benefits of SteelHead

SteelHead is unmatched in the delivery of speed, consistency, availability
and efficiency required to achieve optimal network and application performance.

Up to 99% Data Reduction
Up to 33x Faster Performance
Any App, Any Network, Anywhere

With SteelHead WAN optimisation, organisations achieve better visibility into application
and network performance and the end user experience.

By combining network, application and end user performance metrics for deep visibility, IT can troubleshoot and fix problems before the user is impacted. Leveraging the solution’s application-aware approach, the most complete set of network services and path selection based on intent-based, business-driven, global policies with local enforcement, you also ensure significantly improved control to enable business agility.

Accelerated Performance

Deliver the best end user experience across the Hybrid WAN with accelerated performance of any application, any network, anywhere.

Complete IT Control

Greater control translating business intent into appcentric service policies, automatically deriving all network path possibilities based on availability.

Data Protection

Secure traffic across Hybrid WANs between SteelHeads for Private (MPLS) and Internet Links with encryption for added security and regulatory compliance.

Problem Resolution

Resolve issues and problems faster with improved IT visibility into application, network and end user experience.

Unique and Flexible Deployment Options

SteelHead is available as stand-alone hardware appliances and virtual editions. These extensive delivery options make SteelHead suitable for deploying across any blend of infrastructure required including legacy / bare metal networks, AWS or Azure public cloud or within the data centre either as a physical appliance or virtual machine.

SteelHead and SteelConnect EX SD-WAN

Due to Riverbed SteelConnect EXs’ unique NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) technology, SteelHead CX for Virtual can be deployed as a virtual appliance on suitable SteelConnect EX appliances as a function of SteelConnect EX SD-WAN deployments. Incorporating SteelHead CX for Virtual as a function of a SteelConnect EX SD-WAN brings a number of advantages:

  • Optimises traffic directly within the SteelConnect EX SD-WAN appliance
  • No need to install additional SteelHead hardware appliances
  • Speeds up deployments and eases management
  • Optimizes traffic on MPLS / legacy networks while providing a seamless path to Secure SD-WAN
  • Delivers a software-defined WAN with enhanced security, Direct Internet Access and application
    aware routing as well as network streamlining and application acceleration, all delivered on the SteelConnect EX platform.

Our network engineers are uniquely skilled in delivery of Riverbed SteelConnect and SteelHead platforms and solutions making us the first choice for any organisation wanting to explore the unique benefits of a Riverbed Secure SD-WAN with integrated network optimisation and application acceleration. Organisations taking advantage of our Riverbed branded SteelConnect EX Management Platform or Managed Services can benefit by leveraging these services to include Riverbed SteelHead deployment and management. Get in touch to find out how!