Work securely from anywhere using our Versa powered SASE solution.

Our Versa Secure Access (VSA) solution allows any user, anywhere, to securely connect to their applications whether they be hosted in private cloud or public cloud and forms part of our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service.

The VSA service is offered on the Versa Operating System (VOS) which is the same software that powers our Versa Secure SD-WAN offerings, forming a seamless addition to our Versa portfolio of secure software defined WAN services.

Enjoy the benefits of our secure SD-WAN technology from home – or anywhere


Our Versa Secure Access allows employees and users to securely connect to their applications in private or public clouds from any location, while enjoying the benefits of our secure SD-WAN technology. Our Versa Secure Access service forms part of our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, providing users and IT with enhanced performance, privacy and security that includes network and application performance and visibility, along with stateful firewall, Denial of Service (DoS) and application firewall.

Solution Components

Versa Secure Access is designed to allow secure access for any user, anywhere to applications that are distributed throughout private cloud, on premises, or public cloud. The solution consists of three key components:

Versa Cloud Gateways

The Versa Cloud Gateways can be positioned anywhere in the customers network and in strategic locations such as public cloud. Since they operate using the same, industry leading VOS platform, customers can use their existing VOS SD-WAN appliances or elect to install dedicated Cloud Gateways, as required. The Versa Cloud Gateways are used to authenticate and authorize users on the network and connect them to authorized applications on private or public cloud.

Versa Secure Access Client

The Versa Secure Access Client is a software application that runs on the users computer or smart phone to create, secure encrypted connection from their device to the Versa Cloud Gateway. Once authenticated and connected, the Versa Secure Access Client allows the user to securely connect to their authorized applications in the private or public cloud.

Versa Secure Access Portal

The Versa Secure Access Portal is used by the VSA Administrator to manage and monitor users and privileges and provides real-time and historical monitoring and reporting of VSA users and traffic.

User Authentication and Authorization

Versa Secure Access can use the organisations’ preferred identity provider or service to authenticate and authorize the user by integrating with services such as Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS as well as 2FA and SSO services such as OKTA. This authentication service is then used to define authorization policies that define the applications and services a user, or group of users has access to. Applications are defined by FQDN/Hostname, IP addresses, ports and subnets with access granted to users inline with corporate access policies.

Integrated Security Suite

Versa Secure Access includes Versa’s NSS Recommended suite of security services, giving organisations and users peace of mind that they are fully protected wherever they may be.

VSA protects the user and organisation by offering a comprehensive suite of security services. These include, NGFW, stateful firewall, DoS protection, IPS and URL filtering on the VSA client device.


The VSA service can be architected to provide micro-segmentation to limit a users’ access to application visibility by configuring the user’s VSA client to use different Cloud Gateways for different applications. Not only does this give the best application experience to the user, it provides an additional level of security by preventing the user from connecting to a gateway that provides access to certain applications that they are not required to access. By adopting this approach, customers can dedicate specific gateways to more secure applications, while provisioning other gateways for more generic applications.

Application, Network and User Visibility

Versa Analytics is one of the most powerful in the business and Versa Secure Access leverages this analytics platform to provide network administrator’s with real-time and historical analytics of User, Application and Network data to provide deep insights and visibility into performance and security metrics. 

Management and Support

Versa Secure Access is offered as part of Tangible Networks’ Managed network service, with customized Co-Managed options for customers that need direct insight into their network with the ability to make their own changes if required. Whatever you opt for, Tangible Technology Networks are here to provide expert support and know-how, making sure your network is optimized and secure.

Our Secure Cloud IP Infrastructure and Management Portal is designed for High Availability (Geo-Redundant) and allows us to make SD-WAN and VSA Adds and Changes with high efficiency over your entire network. Policies are defined centrally and applied to one or many sites as needed, guaranteeing authentication, authorization and security policies are uniform across the network and always up to date.


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