What is Secure SD-WAN?

Secure SD WAN Australia

Are you looking to move your business from a private MPLS or bespoke solution to a Secure SD-WAN? There are numerous benefits you can enjoy by utilising this corporate-wide network and its multi-cloud connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at what  a Secure SD-WAN is, including how it can help your business run faster and more efficiently. 

What is a Secure SD-WAN?

Secure Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solutions provide businesses with a multitude of benefits, including: 

  1. Centralised orchestration – configure templates, not boxes
  2. Aggregate any underlying WAN links, Internet, 4G or MPLS to dynamically and intelligently steer traffic over the best path for a given application
  3. Enhanced visibility and reporting on network and security metrics
  4. Easily extend your WAN to securely connect users to public and private clouds and the Internet
  5. Reduce carriage costs by using BYO lower cost internet and commodity links 
  6. Reduce appliance sprawl and management overhead by combining network and security functions into a centrally managed, homogeneous network.

A Secure SD-WAN provides all of this innovative technology while protecting your business from the increased threats that come with public broadband links. This is done by combining advanced SD-WAN functionality with state-of-the-art Next Gen Firewall and Unified Threat Management services.

Secure SD WAN Australia

Why Secure SD-WAN?

Secure SD-WAN solutions are favoured for providing secure network and internet connectivity along with their scalable and agnostic carriage options and flexible network topologies. They also let businesses reduce their ownership costs while maintaining a high-quality user experience. Finally, companies utilising a Secure SD-WAN solution can access all their applications in any cloud from any location.

Businesses are  looking to transform and simplify  their existing WAN Edge Infrastructure. Choosing the right Secure SD-WAN provider allows business to enhance the security, manageability and flexibility of their WAN edge. Many companies are opting for Versa Networks, which with their approach, was recently named the leader in WAN Edge Infrastructure by Gartner, the worlds leading research and advisory organisation.

What about my network security of SD-WAN?

Not all SD-WAN is created equal. First generation providers of SD-WAN technology are only concerned with the network. This means that security needs to be added as a separate layer, meaning further costs, along with increased complexity and management overheads.

Next Generation SD-WAN vendors, such as Versa Networks, offer a Secure SD-WAN suite of services by combining Next Generation Firewall and UTM / IPS with their Advanced SD-WAN capabilities. By opting for a true, Secure SD-WAN provider, business can take advantage of industry leading WAN Edge Infrastructure solutions that combine SD-WAN and Network Security into a homogeneous network that is orchestrated and administered through a single pane of glass.

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