Managed Secure SD-WAN

For customers with a lean IT footprint, or do not have the appetite to in-house manage their network, we can provide comprehensive network and infrastrcuture services. This flexible service offers 24×7 proactive monitoring with around the clock helpdesk for customers whose network availability is critical to their daily operations.

  • Hosted on Tangible Networks Versa SD-WAN Cloud Management Platform
  • We work in partnership with you to design and deliver your new network
  • 24×7 Proactive network monitoring
  • End to End incident and problem management and national helpdesk
  • Change management and continuous service improvements
  • Monthly service reporting
  • Stringent SLA’s

Explore our Flexible Deployment Options

Tangible Cloud Management Platform as a Service
Customer Cloud Management Platform
Dedicated Cloud Management Platform

A Tangible Networks designed and delivered Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN will result in a more agile and responsive network that offers simplified orchestration, deployment and management, enhanced security and streamlined cloud connectivity

SD-WAN Management Platform

A centrally managed solution to orchestrate and manage SD-WAN deployments. Tangible Networks have partnered with Versa Networks to provide a High Availability management platform with the core components of the infrastructure replicated across two Availability Zones on AWS SE-2 (Sydney).

Our cloud management platform consists of:

Enable centralised provisioning and management for appliances, orchestration, management and real-time visibility of network metrics and status of branch appliances.

Provide VPN concentrator and route reflector functions, providing secure connectivity from the branches to the management platform. Controllers also provide the control plane backbone for exchanging real time reachability, route, topology, performance and SLA information between  appliances at the branches.

A big data application that provides historical insights, prediction and forensic analysis for networking, security, SD-WAN, applications, and users.

Tangible Networks Management Platform as a Service

Tangible Networks Cloud Management Platform as a Service is a secure Multi-Tenancy platform allowing customers to operate autonomously and at scale within their own secure environment, complete with granular administrative privileges that can be assigned as required (Role Based Access Control). The service is ideal for customers that do not have the requirement to build and host their own management platform.

  • Hosted and managed by Tangible Networks on AWS with Analytics hosted in our secure cloud in NextDC M1, Melbourne
  • All components operate with minimum N+1 redundancy or are clustered over multiple hosts.
  • Ideal for customers who require a turnkey, managed platform
  • Choice of Management Platform as a Service only or Fully Managed SD-WAN service options
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast-track service delivery
  • Backed by Tangible Networks 24×7 monitoring and Service Level Agreements

Customer Cloud Management Platform

Organisations that require hosting and maintenance of their own management platform can opt to deploy and managed the platform within their own data centres or public cloud. Options for delivery are versatile and include bare-metal, virtual or cloud delivery on all major cloud platforms including AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Tangible Networks understands that not every organisation has the capacity or knowledge to undertake delivery of their own management platform. Our skilled SD-WAN and cloud engineers have the experience and skills required to build a management platform whether it be on premises or in the cloud.

Having already delivered many successful management platforms for other customers gives you the peace of mind you need to engage us to deliver this critical piece of infrastructure for you.

Dedicated Cloud Hosted EX Management Platform

A further option for delivery of the management platform is the managed cloud model. With this model Tangible Networks will build and manage the management platform on the customers AWS VPC or Azure VNET. Tangible Networks will manage the cloud infrastructure with accompanying Service Level Agreements and access to our 24×7 helpdesk and support.

This option is most suitable for organisations that want to manage their SD-WAN deployment autonomously but prefer a managed cloud management platform, entrusting Tangible Networks with the management and upkeep of this critical piece of their infrastructure.